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Animaster Game Art Professional (AGA- PRO)

[tabs type=”horizontal” titles=”About the course,Modules,Duration,Career Prospects”][tab]Animaster Game Art Professional (AGA- PRO)
The Game Art Professional Program provides students with a foundation in 3D modeling, imaging, and animation for video and mobile games. The course explores the challenging methods of texturing, modeling and animating 3D characters and environments using Autodesk MAYA, MAX and Photoshop.
Program Objectives
In the Game Art Professional program, the students learn both technical and artistic skills applying professional approaches to digital imaging, 3D modeling, Model texturing, Game animation, color and lighting. Classes are structured around practical projects that mirror current practices in Game development


  • Orientation Module
  • MAYA basics
  • Titling textures
  • Game lighting and color
  • Character animation
  • Character set-up and rigging
  • Game analysis and criticism
  • Photoshop for Game artists
  • Advanced MAYA
  • Introduction to game development and game engines
  • Level Creation
  • History of Video games
  • Game Art Project

[/tab] [tab]7 months[/tab] [tab]The students are prepared for the entry-level fine arts positions in the Game art and development industry. Potential employers include video game publishers, software publishers, specialized design firms[/tab] [/tabs]