Animation Courses -an option for students after class 10

Puzzled? Baffled? Confused after 10th?

Best-Top-No 1-animation-colleges-institute-academy-center-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-after-10th

Puzzled? Baffled? Confused after 10th?

Animation -a great career option for students after 10th

 What course to pursue after 10th?

In the life of a youth, the 10th class or standard is like a turning point. Post completion of the SSC / ICSE / CBSE exam, many of them are left clueless about the course they want to pursue. Now there are many more options to choose from. While some of them may be attracted to certain traditional streams, a select few would want to venture out to a stream that taps their creativity. That is when a course of animation can be suggested as it is an emerging art Best-Top-No 1-animation-colleges-institute-academy-center-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-after-10thform for those gifted with drawing and sketching abilities. Of course, passion plays an important role in choosing this course of study. One may think, especially after seeing many movies and cartoons in particular, that it is a piece of cake to do animation. The reality is that it is demanding and challenging at the same time.

After 10th, one may choose an animation course but most opt for it post-PUC. Some specialized techniques need higher qualifications at entry level. Before getting into learning animation directly, it is better to do some foundation courses so that the learning is easier as well as exciting. Some of these courses last for a few months and could extend to a year.

Few are listed below:

  • Fundamentals of Sketching
  • A brief about Colour combination and usage
  • Audio/Video editing course
  • A Basic Graphic Design course
  • Compositing course
  • Website design course
  • Basics of Special/ Digital effects

Career options after course completion:Best-ToP-No1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-Disney-career-course

Though many may advice that a bachelor’s or university master’s degree in animation or fine arts would be advantageous, if one is creative enough, landing a job upon completing a short course should not be a problem. However, one must always keep in mind to plan to do a degree in future so that it adds value to the job that one maybe doing. A degree also makes one competent and makes them ready to assume higher responsibilities in future at the work place.

A bijou list of Jobs available after doing an animation course after the 10th are listed below:

Storyboard artist: Visual-arts-degree-animation-fine-arts-degree-animation-course-programs-storyboard-artist

Roto/ Rotomotion/Rotoscopy artist: Job-oriented-degree-courses-programs-rotoscopy

Matte painter: Best-Top-No 1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-matte-painter

Video/Audio editor: Best-Top-No-1-animation-colleges-institute-academy-center-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-after-10th-video-av-audio-editor

Graphic Designer: Best-Top-No1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-graphic-designer

A brief introduction to Animation

The era of animation is here and there to stay! Be it a product or movie, animation is being used in some form or the other.  In recent years, animation is emerging as a very interesting and appealing course of study and as a career option.  It has been seen as an alternative to the usual boring and stereotyped courses that many trudge into. Animation courses have started competing with what one knew as traditional courses.  Animation certificate, diploma, degree courses are rivaling other professional courses.

Who does not like movies? It is something that both kids and teenagers relate to. Those movies that have animation effect are usually the favourites. In fact, people wait eagerly for those movies that have visual or digital effect as well as animation. Naturally, at some point of time people move from just being interested to wondering how these effects appear. Many Hollywood and Indian made movies have created an interest in the young minds about how these movies are made. This is the entry into the field of animation. Let us understand more about the sector that is the brain behind all this and much more.

Animation can be referred to as a process where still images are displayed in a rapid sequence. This is done to create an illusion of movement. If youth think cartoons are the only form of animation, they are mistaken. As a matter of fact, the applications of animation are enormous! In earlier days, animation was restricted to hand drawn images. Now, they are mostly computer generated or could be pictures of 3D (three Dimensional) objects. Whatever it may be, the feel of continuous movement on our eyes is due to an illusion that is created without any stoppage. Naturally a lot of training and hard work goes into animation. There are courses that teach a person to become an animator.

Great Choice!

There is no doubt that animation is a career that is challenging and is a satisfying outlet for one’s creativity. Even within the field of animation, there are several special fields that demand special types of training. However, if one is very passionate about animation and does not want to wait too long before starting the work, one may enter the field even after the final year of high school.

Thank You for reading!

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