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Animaster Advanced Animation Effects- Professional (AAAFx-PRO)

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Animaster Advanced Animation Effects- Professional (AAAFx-PRO)

A well structured course targeting towards providing the  keen students ample knowledge in integrating various graphics and design elements into motion. It also teaches them techniques about utilizing 3D modeling skills for creating realistic product mock-ups and elaborate sets. Digital painting, motion graphics, titling, advance texturing and dynamics covered extensively in this 14 months career oriented program are some of eh most sought after modules in today’s creative industry.

Objective and Learning Outcomes

  • Colorize, retouch and optimize images
  • Creating collages using masks
  • Manipulating vector and raster images
  • Creating packaging, Product mock-ups and displays
  • Creating and editing sound and video compositions
  • Creating interactive slide-shows and websites
  • Creating web banners and web-based animations
  • Creating Flash Websites
  • Using CSS and Action Scripting in Webpages
  • Publishing websites
  • Creating newsletters and book formats
  • Prepress and Pre flights
  • Designing and executing print and web projects Positioning camera and motion path animation
  • Modeling landscapes, Architectural structures and vehicles
  • Creating cartoon characters and realistic characters
  • Understanding texturing pipeline using Maya, Photoshop
  • Creating advanced textures in Z-Brush
  • Creating facial rig and an advanced human rig
  • Animating models with different weights and their volumes
  • Creating interior and exterior lighting
  • Simulating dynamic objects and expositions



Part-I                     Motion Graphics

  • Orientation Module
  • Imaging Concepts
  • Layout & Design
  • Sound & Video Compositing
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Scripting & Behaviors
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Project

Part-II                   3D Animation

  • Orientation Module
  • Maya pipeline & Interface
  • Architectural & props modeling
  • Organic Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Animation 1-      Rigging
  • Animation2-       Lighting & Rendering Dynamics
  • Advanced MAYA
  • Project

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14 months

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Establish a creative career by knowing the creative tools and software which are at a boom in today’s industry.

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