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BANGALORE – the most popular international edu. destination

Study In Bangalore- the capital and the largest city of the state of Karnataka. Popularly it is called Garden city for its beautiful gardens, flowers and trees. It’s India’s 5th largest city. The city provides scope to get cross cultural exposure and assists with global perspective to the students. Bangalore has secured its rank on the Top of the list of Best Indian cities as per survey results which also glitters it in the early 100s among the Best International cities. Bangalore is ranked as the best Indian city both in terms of quality of living and the personal safety standards. Probably that is what attracts the immigrants to this hi-tech city.

Study in Bangalore

Being emerged as the hottest business destination in India, study in Bangalore is a a good step forwared. Strategically its location in the southern peninsula, good connectivity, high quality of talent pool, good availability of office space, high quality education system, besides a welcoming and multifarious city culture, Bangalore has been ranked by the study as the best location for businesses.


The Tech-Hub!

In the last decade, the establishment and success of high technology firms has made Bangalore one of the major economic and cultural hubs in the country. Today a large city and one of the fastest growing metros in the country, Bangalore is home to many of the well recognized colleges and research institutes of India. Animation is a booming industry in India and all over the world and Bangalore houses a large number of top-class animation training institutes. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, animation firms, aerospace, telecommunications and defense organizations are located in the city.


Metropolitan Destination

Students come to study in Bangalore from various parts of India as well as from several foreign countries to avail of the high quality educational facilities offered in the city. It is considered one of the safest cities to live in the country. Crime rates are comparatively low. The average Bangalorean is peace loving and very tolerant.Study in Bangalore 1

Situated in the Deccan plateau, at an average elevation of 920 m above sea level, Bangalore enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Winter temperatures rarely drop below 12°C and summer temperatures seldom exceeds 38°C.

Bangalore has an availability of a wide range of cuisine to cater to different palettes. Indian, Chinese, Italian and even Mediterranean food is served in restaurants across the city. Night life closes early.



  • 2D


    Classic 2D animation can be regarded as a straightforward approach to create animation in two dimensional context. It involves drawing each frame of each scene minutely.

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  • Graphics


    Graphic Designing can be referred to as a process heavily used in visual communication to edit and create artworks conveying images, text and raster-vector objects.

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  • 3D


    It relates to animating objects in a three-dimensional frame to appear like real objects. It has the power of creating a realm of virtual reality.

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