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5 reasons your child can NOT become an animator

5 reasons your child can NOT become an animator

Because you think animation is not real education.

The ability to imagine, create, design, draw and give life is a special talent We would like to tell you that Animaster offers a 4 year degree programme of BVA or Bachelor of Visual in Animation, Gaming, Graphic design, web design and VFX in affiliation with the Bangalore University which is one of the leading universities in India. But then again, that’s not engineering or medicine or law, right? . Nurturing that special quality is the best education you could give him/her.

Because you’re worried about his jobless future.

But did you know that, with the gaming industry booming, with TV channels looking for newer animated series and ads and movies using extensive animation and VFX, it’s a great time for the industry. It has also been reported that the animation industry has seen an 8% in the number of jobs since 2012. In fact, we at Animaster constantly get people, who are tired of their mundane corporate jobs, enrolling into our certificate programmes.

Because he cannot pursue a master’s degree.

There are several institutes, some very reputed ones such as UCLA, Bournemouth University, Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation that offer an MFA in graphic, web design or an MVA in Animation. The learning in this vocational field is only limited to one’s creative capabilities.

Because there is not good animation school in the city/town/country where we live.

We are bridging this gap with Animaster’s cloud-based BVA programme. With this, your child can study animation anywhere, anytime, with just a web-enabled device. Isn’t that amazing?

Because you did not know about all this.

Well, now you do. Do visit our website here for more on our programmes and courses. Also, bookmark our blog for more updates from the animation scene.