Master of Fine Arts (in Graphic Design and Web Development)

Master of Fine Arts(in Graphic Design and Web Development)

A 2 year comprehensive Masters Program for design and development aspirants

Master of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Web Development ( GDWD) , is a 2 year program that is segmented into a 4 semester scheme. This program is meant for today’s designer, who faces two major challenges: the complex influence of design within society and the growing role of technology within design. This program provides students with a live studio and dynamic environment, in which to use design history and research, aesthetics, design process, applied theory and web technologies to address this challenge. Students push their design experimentation beyond the visual: Design is seen as a mechanism for developing strategies, branding and businesses.

This masters program prepares a student for a professional studio practice , by helping them gain specialize knowledge in the key areas of design and development ie. Art, aesthetics, digital illustration and painting, ancient to modern design, advanced product designs from 2D to 3D completed forms , extending right up to enhanced technical skills in web design and development. Student artists work with traditional art forms and designs , evolving and transforming to digital and web based media effortlessly. ‘

Creative and technical acumen in the field, provide students an ideal curriculum to implement user experience based designs and handle front and back-end web based solutions that work on latest platforms. This makes it an ideal and advanced program , delivering broadened knowledge for students in the field of Arts, Design and Web Design /development.

SEM 1 Art & Aesthetic Sensitivity
SEM 2 Design for the Modern Era
SEM 3 Web Design and development
SEM 4 Project

A candidate is eligible to apply subject to:

  • Successful completion of Bachelor’s degree. Where the minimum duration of the degree is three years
  • Seat allocation will be based on the Aptitude test

The intake shall be as approved by the University from time to time.

Admission & Tuition Fees – Please contact for detailed fee break-down

There are numerous career options for MFA, listed below are some of the most significant positions

  • Team Lead
  • User interface Designer
  • Web Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Creative Director
  • Interface Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Production Manager
  • Graphic Designer