Diploma in Animation

This course offers you a Diploma in Animation, where can learn the different techniques of animation, ranging from the fundamentals of 2D drawing and camera actions to exploring and creating dynamics and special effects in 3D animation.

The course is organized and distributed into semester scheme. There are 6 semesters in this course where the student gets introduced to different concepts related to drawing and animation. In the advanced stages digital publishing, 3D modeling and adding special effects to animated movies is taught.

Semester 1
2D Traditional Animation

The objective of this semester is to introduce the students to the world of Animation with concepts of drawing. The journey comprises of various art, design and animation techniques and in further understanding the fundamentals of camera actions and movements. At the completion of this semester, a student can accomplish a short movie in traditional animation.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0011History of Animation and drawing Fundamentals6022080
DA-0012Fundamentals of Drawing6022080
DA-0013Drawing for Animation6022080
DA-0014Traditional Animation15052080
DA-0015Pre-Production and Cinematography / Project15052080

Semester 2
2D Digital Animation

This semester makes students explore their traditional skills in terms of computers and helps understand the digital technology for animation. The student walks through a 2Dimensional Digital technique of creating cartoon and realistic characters involving anatomy construction, creation of
environments and implementation of the principles involved in Animation.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0021Introduction to 2D Digital Software6022080
DA-0022Digital Character Designing6022080
DA-0023Digital Layout designing6022080
DA-0025Advance Animation / Project24082080

Semester 3
Digital Designing

The key objective of this semester is Graphics which involves Design, Photography and Print media. This enables a student to open doors to understand the corporate requirement of Digital Media and presentation.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0031Fundamentals of Graphics Designing and Pixel Based Editing6022080
DA-0032Basic Shapes, The Art of Vectors12042080
DA-0033Effects and Plug-Typology and Page Layout, Print Communications6022080
DA-0034Advanced Computer Graphics, Press Methodologies6022080
DA-0035Branding, Identity Projects, E-Pubs18062080

Semester 4
Fundamentals of 3D Animation

The objective of this semester is to enable a student to explore the 3rd Dimension and set high standards of film making and production. Preliminarily, creating organic and inorganic models in a 3D environment, visualizing the materials on different kinds of surfaces and exploring lights.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0041Digital Animation and Film Making3012080
DA-0042Introduction to 3D Software6022080
DA-0043Modeling Set Environment and Scene layout12042080
DA-0044Texturing and Surfacing9032080
DA-0045Digital Lighting and Render Engines/Project18062080

Semester 5
3D Animation for Production

This semester takes the student to the next level of 3D, in implementing the anatomy skills required to create character models, skeleton setup to rig characters, giving life to objects or characters with animation, texturing and lighting the world in 3D. Completion of this semester, enables a student to accomplish a short animation clip and explore the Principles of animation..

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0051Anatomy for 3D artists and Advanced Modeling9032080
DA-0052Fundamentals of Rigging and Character Setup9032080
DA-0053Animation, Lip Sync and Facial Expressions6022080
DA-0054Advanced Texturing6022080
DA-0055Advanced Lighting and Rendering/Project18062080

Semester 6
Special Effects

This semester evolves the student to the final outcome by exploring Dynamics and Special Effects in 3D, compiling the movie by editing, mixing and colour grading. The final output comprises of a 3D short animated film involving the different modules of 3D and special effects.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
DA-0061Special Effects Theory3012080
DA-0062Special Effects for Animation Movies6022080
DA-0063Digital Audio and Video Editing6022080
DA-0064Colour Grading and Mixing3012080
DA-0065Portfolio Development/Project300102080

Candidates who have passed 10th standard or equivalent and recognized by KSOU

Admission Fee (one time) –                                               xxx INR
Total fees per annum-                                                   xx, xxx INR
Examination Fee per semester-                                                  x, xxx INR

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This course in Animation enables a student to stand out of the crowd in the creative industry with the added advantage of Diploma from a recognized university. The structure of the course raises your skills in digital 2D & 3D, pixel based editing and special effects in the most interesting way and makes you industry ready.