Diploma in 2D Classical & Digital Animation

Diploma in 2D Classical & Digital Animation

The course is organized and distributed into semester scheme. There are 2 semesters in this course where the student gets introduced to fundamentals of drawings, introduction to drawing for animation and traditional animation techniques in the early stages. On progression to the higher stages the digital format integration is taught where the student learns to draw, design, prepare layout and rigging. Semester 1 2D Traditional Animation The objective of this semester introduces the students to the life of Animation with basic concepts of drawing skills. The journey comprises of various art, design and animation techniques and in further understanding the fundamentals of camera actions and movements. At the completion of this semester it enables a student to accomplish a short movie in traditional animation

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
D2A-0011History of Animation and drawing Fundamentals6022080
D2A-0012Fundamentals of Drawing6022080
D2A-0013Drawing for Animation6022080
D2A-0014Traditional Animation15052080
D2A-0015Pre-Production and Cinematography / Project15052080

Semester 2
2D Digital Animation

This semester makes students explore their traditional skill set in terms of computers and understanding the digital technology for animation. This apparently makes a student to walk-through a 2Dimensional Digital technique of creating Cartoon and realistic characters involving anatomy construction, Creating Environment and to implement the Principles involved in Animation.

CodeTitleHoursCreditsIA MarksAE Marks
D2A-0021Introduction to 2D Digital Software6022080
D2A-0022Digital Character Designing6022080
D2A-0023Digital Layout designing6022080
D2A-0025Advance Animation / Project24082080

Candidates who have passed 10 + 2 or any other equivalent to PUC and recognized by the University of Mysore Admission Fee (one time) – xxx INR Total fees per annum- xx, xxx INR Examination Fee per semester- x, xxx INR  Click her to apply online This course in 2D Classical & Digital Animation makes you confident of with the creative skills of classical animation along with digital formats of animation as well. This adds up to the career prospects with the added advantage of Diploma from a distinguished recognized university. The structure of the course raises your skills in traditional & digital 2D in the most interesting way and makes you industry ready